Creating stylish boudoir shoot images has everything to do with the location and decor.

Choosing the right boudoir photographer for you is about trying to match your ‘aesthetic’ or style with theirs – both in terms of the photography style but also the location and decor of the boudoir shoot location.   Boudoir photographers usually work out of a studio, their own home or hire hotel rooms for the boudoir shoot.

I have been offering boudoir shoots for many years and I fully understand that the experience is almost more important than the final images (read how my clients feel in the testimonials page here).  Women are nervous at the prospect of boudoir photography and they need to feel safe and as relaxed as possible – this is why I chose to decorate and style my home to be able to shoot boudoir photography.  It is very important to me that my boudoir shoot decor is stylish and feminine and probably best described as ‘french chic’ with each room or set up offering a neutral colour palette that allows my clients to opt for neutral lingerie or add gorgeous pops of colour.

If you would also like to know more about how to prepare for a boudoir shoot please read this blog post.  Please click on these links to view my boudoir shoot gallery , to read how I approach shoots and watch a behind the scenes boudoir shoot video and finally how I charge for boudoir shoots (no hard sales – I hate that approach).

Boudoir Shoot Examples from The Master Bedroom

The main room for my boudoir shoots is the master bedroom and it is decorated entirely in silvers, soft greys and white.  The beautiful grey headboard is framed by antique french shutters and it is the perfect place to get stunning daylight portraits but it can also be transformed into a sensual night scene which is often how a boudoir shoot wraps up!

Boudoir Shoot Decor - Kate Hopewell-Smith's Master Bedroom

The Master Bedroom – a grey & white colour scheme for my boudoir shoots

Boudoir Photoshoot Location Decor

The silver fur is beautiful and cosy for boudoir portraits.

Natural Daylight Boudoir Portraits

The grey headboard is a beautiful backdrop for natural daylight Boudoir Portraits

Bridal boudoir photography

The silver and grey colour palette works beautifully for bridal boudoir.

Boudoir photography examples

The boudoir shoot colour scheme works well for black lingerie sets

Boudoir shoot lingerie

I also like the simplicity of a white bedsheet for the ‘night’ boudoir shoot images

Boudoir portrait

The silver fur is the perfect compliment to very soft lingerie colours.

stylish boudoir photography - girl and simple white sheet

I love to end a boudoir shoot with a ‘night shot’ – nothing more than a simple sheet required!

Boudoir Shoot Examples – The Grey Ottoman

The grey ottoman lives at the end of the bed in the Master bedroom but I do love to put it at the far end of the room as it can make a simple but lovely prop for boudoir images – both bridal boudoir and something a little sexier.

grey boudoir ottoman

The grey ottoman can be moved away from the bed and used on its own.

bridal boudoir photography

The ottoman featuring as part of bridal boudoir

boudoir photoshoot

The ottoman being used as a prop for strong, sexy boudoir images

Moody boudoir photography

The light is always very beautiful at this end of the master bedroom and sometimes you are the only prop required!

Boudoir Shoot Examples – The French Armchair

This a long time favourite piece of furniture for my boudoir shoots – a lovely friend of mine ‘up-cycled’ it from a very plain brown chair into this lovely grey with matching silk upholstery.

boudoir photography chair

I love using this silk upholstered french arm chair for boudoir shoots



New Boudoir Prop – The French Dresser

I have been wanting to get this piece up-cycled for nearly 3 years and have finally had it done (by my talented sister-in-law of Juniper Bo) and am very much looking forward to using it for boudoir shoots – this weekend we styled it specifically for some bridal boudoir photos.

Shabby chic french dresser for boudoir shoots

The grey french dresser can be used for boudoir shoots.

Wedding dress and shoes

One of my clients wanted to include her wedding dress in some bridal boudoir photography

bridal boudoir photography

Incorporating your wedding details in your bridal boudoir shoot.

My Perfect Boudoir Shoot Chaise Longue

I spent a long time searching for this beauty 7 years ago and I have always loved this chaise longue for boudoir photos. It is upholstered in a beautiful green/gold silk and introduces a touch of gold to my boudoir shoot decor.  This is also the part of the house where I can shoot full length window images – super flattering even if some of the boudoir poses leave you aching the day after…

boudoir chaise longue

The Chaise Longue has always been my favourite prop for boudoir shoots.

location boudoir photography

I love the light and airy feel of the chaise longue boudoir images

Kate Hopewell-Smith boudoir photography

I like to shoot quite close in using the chaise longue too

boudoir photoshoot examples

The chaise longue is also lovely to use like this:

boudoir windows images

Or even just in shot for full length window boudoir images like this

Boudoir Shoot Opportunities from The ‘Green’ Bedroom

I also use one of my spare rooms for boudoir shoots (leaving the ensure spare for you to get changed between shots).  This is decorated in a warm palette of soft greens and creams.  My favourite feature is the enormous antiqued mirror which I use for some beautiful reflections but I also like the shadows cast by the glass chandelier bedside lights.

boudoir shoot location

The Green Boudoir Room – my favourite feature in here is the enormous antiqued mirror

This room has a warmer palette of soft greens and cream.

reflections used in boudoir photography

I always love playing with light and reflections on my boudoir shoots.

boudoir photography location

The green room has some lovely glass chandelier lights that can cast some beautiful shadows.

I hope this blog post will help you prepare for your boudoir shoot – happy shopping for gorgeous lingerie and accessories! x


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