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Do I need my hair and makeup done professionally for a boudoir shoot?


I get asked this question all the time and my answer is always the same.  Whilst it isn’t an essential it makes a huge difference to both how you feel and how you look in your boudoir photos.   All of my clients arrive for their shoots a little nervous – which is totally understandable – but by the time they have finished with the hair and makeup element they are relaxed and looking fabulous.   Because it is a choice to have a professional look after you the hair and makeup is not included in the price of my Essential Collection.  However, you do have the choice to add this element at the booking stage and then I make sure that Caroline is booked and confirmed for the agreed shoot date. 

I have worked with Caroline for 10 years now and she is a very important part of my boudoir shoots.  Before setting up as a freelance makeup artist, Caroline was the store manager for MAC Brighton, quickly building a name for herself in both bridal styling and editorial shoots.  She is very talented and will work with you to make sure you create the look or looks that you desire for your boudoir shoot.   You can chat to her before the shoot and share styling inspiration with her too. She spends about 1.5 hours working on your hair and makeup and then stays for the entire shoot – to retouch and restyle where necessary.  Changing your lip colour to match your lingerie or adding some drama to your eye makeup to create a smokier eye as the shoot progresses.

Here are some examples of the beautiful hair and makeup that she has crafted for boudoir shoots. Click on each image to see them larger or view the gallery as a slideshow. 


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