Boudoir Product Choices

What to do with Boudoir Photos?


As a photographer who describes her work as fine art boudoir I really hope that you will choose to print some of your photographs and think of them as a piece of art.  Once you have had a chance to live with your boudoir pictures you will know what you want to do with them and it might surprise you to hear that it won’t be to hide them away…here are some creative ways to enjoy or gift your boudoir pictures.

I really enjoy working with my clients to create pieces that are perfect for them and it varies from a boudoir album or photobook to a gorgeous frame celebrating your favourite boudoir picture.  I can also create slideshows or mobile apps so that you can give your boudoir gift to people who travel and might be away from you for periods of time.


Digital Presentation Folios

A beautiful way to keep your images or give them as a gift. Choose your 2 favourite boudoir pictures to be printed and showcased and then we create a slideshow set to music of your choice on the USB that is enclosed.  Great gift for your groom to be and comes in many material and colour options.  


Boudoir Frames and Wall Art

I offer a variety of framing options that suit both traditional and contemporary tastes. I will be able to show you framing samples to choose from or find a tailored solution.  Many women love to frame one amazing shot for their bedroom  – to look at every day and think – ‘that’s me’.

Mounted Prints in Beautiful Boudoir Boxes

Whilst it is wonderful to have large prints framed and collections of images presented in albums I also understand the need for smaller, free standing images and that is why I offer mounted prints in beautiful boxes which can be a wonderful keepsake (bridal boudoir wedding present for your husband to be). 

Boudoir Albums and Photobooks

A boudoir photo album is an amazing gift to share with someone – particularly following a bridal boudoir session. 

Folio Albums are made in the UK designed by photographers for photographers. I love their beauty and simplicity and Folio wanted to create something that would show my clients’ images in all their glory, as works of art that they and future generations could still enjoy in decades to come.

Queensberry Press Albums are made in New Zealand. In the brand’s own words they are ‘driven by the desire to create treasured objects to reflect and express people’s memories – exquisite, bespoke, handmade photographic albums. Every album is a unique collaboration between photographers, artisans, designers, technicians and the art of storytelling itself. Our handmade albums are treasured around the world for the memories they evoke and the stories they tell.’

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