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Boudoir Photography FAQs

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Where are you based?

I am based in north Buckinghamshire (not far from Bicester Village) and shoot most of my boudoir from my home which I have decorated specially.  There are maps, address details and some images on the boudoir location page

How long will the shoot take?

My Essential Boudoir Collection is for 3 hours of shooting but the experience lasts longer.  If you book hair and make up you should expect to be with us for about 5 hours.  The experience is just as important as the photographs and it cannot be rushed.

How do I book you?

I use an online booking system where you will be able to see a quote based on the date and details that we have discussed. I require a 25% non-refundable booking fee and the balance payment one week before the shoot date.   You can move a shoot if you have problem with the booked date.  Please remember I will need to check availability with the hair and make up artist if you have booked or wish to book her services.  

Is hair and makeup included?

No it isn’t.  Whilst it isn’t an essential it makes a huge difference to both how you feel and how you look in your boudoir photos.   All of my clients arrive for their shoots a little nervous – which is totally understandable – but by the time they have finished with the hair and makeup element they are relaxed and looking fabulous.   Because it is a choice to have a professional look after you the hair and makeup is not included in the price of my Essential Collection.  However, you do have the choice to add this element at the booking stage and then I make sure that Caroline is booked and confirmed for the agreed shoot date.   Find out more about her and see examples of her work here.

Do you retouch skin?

With so much skin on show boudoir photography is an intensive edit for me – I will make sure that any semi-permanent blemishes are removed and that you look as if you have just had a 2 week holiday.  I won’t change anything about you in terms of shape and size – making you look your best is all down to how I use light and posing techniques. 

When and how many images will I receive?

You can expect to see about at least 50 fully edited images from a 3 hour boudoir shoot – all of which will be fully retouched. I generally have the gallery ready 2 weeks from the shoot date .

What should I bring with me?

A woman’s relationship with her body and her lingerie drawer is deeply personal.  Some women buy lingerie like others buy shoes or lipstick – in quantity, quality and to suit the occasion.   Others prefer to put comfort over aesthetics and there are those who prefer to go commando – each to their own I say.   So let’s be clear that there isn’t a perfect, one size fits all, list of the best things to wear for a boudoir session.   What matters is what feels right for you but I have put together this blog post to talk it all through.

I'm nervous at the thought of a shoot and that I won't know what to do...

Don’t worry – all my clients feel like this and it is my job to direct you 100% of the way.  You may take a little while to warm up but you will be amazed how quickly you relax and start really enjoying the shoot.  Clients don’t want the shoots to end and that is why I suggest you make plans for the evening after the shoot and be prepared to ache the next day!

I’ve put together a behind the scenes video to help you get a sense of the location and me.  Watch it and have a read of this blog post ‘What is it like to have a boudoir shoot?”

And above all else read how other people have felt after a shoot – their words are far more powerful than mine!

Will my images remain private?

I assume that you will not want me to put your images on my website or social channels.  However you might love some so much that you agree to let me share them – it’s up to you but all my bookings come because women are proud enough to let me share which in turn inspires another!

Do I have to choose between the Light & Dark styles?

I have 3 spaces within my home that were designed specifically to create boudoir photos.  As well as the very popular chaise longue images I can also produce very feminine ‘light and airy’ photographs as well as a more ‘dark and sultry look’.  The choice of looks is yours and you can decided on the day – many of my boudoir clients use all of the spaces whereas some have a preference for dark over light.

How will I see my photos for the first time?

I use a fantastic password protected online gallery system that will allow you to download your images, create a mobile app and buy professional prints directly if you wish.  Most importantly it will be a private moment for you – pour yourself a glass of wine and prepare to be amazed…

Can I buy prints from you?

After the shoot I will send you a link to a password protected online gallery.  The gallery links directly to an online professional print lab where you can order individual prints that will be delivered directly to you. I offer all kinds of beautiful boudoir products and you can find out more on the Products Page

Do you retain the copyright?
Yes I do because it is essential that every photographer does.  I do grant you a full lifetime usage license which is exactly what you need.  If you would like to know more about this subject please visit our photography training school blog where I discuss it in more detail: Photography Copyright Explained.
is VAT in addition?
No the photography collections and pricing document that I send you is fully inclusive. 
Do you shoot in B&W or colour?

I shoot digital RAW files which I then edit myself – I look at each image as an individual frame and choose the most appropriate treatment to get the best from it – be it black and white or colour.  Sometimes I will give you both versions of an image and you can always ask to see an image in another treatment. 

Print Res Vs Screen Res?

Digital images are measured in pixels per inch, or ppi, which is similar but not quite the same as dpi in printing. Most  computer monitor displays are 72 ppi which is very low resolution compared to print.  Most digital images looks great on your monitor and 72 ppi images will be a smaller file size and load faster than a 300 ppi image.   So I provide you with the images in screen resolution – perfect for sharing via email and displaying on any screens.

When it comes to printing the dpi refers to the amount of ink that is printed on paper. The more ink, the higher the resolution. 300 dots per inch is the standard for quality printing.  You can choose to purchase some or all of your images in high resolution at 300 ppi they will be very large file sizes so should only be used for photographs you want to print.   If you try and print the 72ppi version the print will literally pixellate and look blurry.  

You can order professional prints directly from your client gallery – before I approve the order I upload a print resolution version for the lab. 

How long will you store my boudoir images in digital format?

I will archive and store your images for 3 years.

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