I have just launched a new luxury boudoir brand for women called MUSE.  All KHS Boudoir will be under MUSE going forward. Please head to the new website to find out more!

Boudoir Shoot Pricing


Why is (good) boudoir photography expensive?


You may be thinking about boudoir photography for yourself, researching a bridal boudoir gift for your groom or a boudoir gift voucher for a friend and finding yourself a little suprised by the cost of a boudoir shoot. You may have discovered that there are many different ways that people choose to price boudoir photography and so I want to be totally transparent about what you are paying for. The most important thing that you are investing in is actually my time – it takes a lot of effort and skill to make beautiful pictures, both during the capture and afterwards in post-production.  

A boudoir shoot with me is a very special experience which is a long way from a studio high street session where everyone is treated the same and given the same. Boudoir photography and editing is slow and precise if you want gorgeous results and I will spend many hours at a computer after the shoot so don’t view the cost of the shoot just based on the time I have the camera in my hands!

I am often described as one of the UK’s best boudoir photographers and have shot lingerie commercially so you will be in experienced hands – working with me is an investment – largely in yourself and the return on that investment will be far, far greater than you can imagine.  Trust me on this – I have seen it time and time again.  Having a read of some of my boudoir testimonials will help communicate what a life changing experience a boudoir photography shoot can be. 


MUSE Essential Boudoir Collection

I have just launched a new luxury boudoir brand with two other female photographers called MUSE.  We have an Essential Collection for £850 for Elizabeth or Gemma and £995 for myself where you will get the fully retouched shoot in screen resolution jpegs, beyond that it is up to you if you want to add additional presentation options like prints, albums etc (find out more here).  I hate being sold to so it is important that you know you will not have any pressure from me on that front! I offer exactly the same in terms of bridal boudoir photography pricing – the only difference in pre-wedding boudoir shoots is what you might choose to wear and how you style your looks. 

This price does not include a professional hair and makeup artist but most client’s add this service to their package.  Find out more about boudoir hair and makeup artist that I work with here

Right now you might be full of doubts and amazed you are even reading this page.  So, get in touch, and at least let me send you all the details you need to make a decision.


Boudoir Gift Vouchers

I offer boudoir photography gift vouchers so that you can give someone a subtle hint – your fiance, husband or a group of girlfriends who might club together for a wedding or birthday present and therefore split the boudoir photo session cost.  Or someone special might want to pay for you to be pampered by a hair and make up artist.

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