Portrait Photography Product Options


I am a real believer in showcasing well loved photographs and our home is full of precious moments from our lives.  I  work hard on any shoot to produce an image that combines the subject with the best possible light and setting. How we finally choose to present the finished picture is an important part of a shoot. It transforms a still image into a piece of art and I really enjoy working with my clients to create pieces that are perfect for them.  In addition to loose prints and print boxes I offer:


Portrait Framing


For many clients framing their favourite images is important – ensuring that they are on the walls at home and in pride of place on the grandparents mantle piece.  I offer a variety of framing options that suit both traditional and contemporary tastes. I will be able to show you framing samples to choose from or find a tailored solution.


Portrait Albums


For many of my clients an album that can be treasured for years and generations to come is more important. I use the a beautiful British fine art album company called Folio Albums – designed by photographers for photographers. I love their beauty and simplicity and Folio wanted to create something that would show my clients’ images in all their glory, as works of art.  The paper is matte, smooth and fine art and the clever design allows an invisible create to showcase your favourite images across 2 pages.  Here is a recent family photography session album design – this is the 4th album I have designed for this family who ask me to come back every 2 years.  Click here to view the album larger.

The importance of printing photographs


In 2015 Google’s Vice President, Dr Vinton ‘Vint’ Cerf,  urged all of us to print out our most treasured photographs, or risk losing them.  The warning focused on how operating systems and software becoming more sophisticated will mean that images stored using older technology will become increasingly inaccessible.

He urged people to think about printing out their treasured photos and not rely on storing them as memory files.

‘In our zeal to get excited about digitising we digitise photographs thinking it’s going to make them last longer, and we might turn out to be wrong. I would say if there are photos you are really concerned about create a physical instance of them. Print them out.’

We all know this is true but the reality of busy lives means that people don’t prioritise printing their images.  And of course many of us document our lives daily on our phones but don’t actually move the images off them into frames or albums.

Find a photographer you love, make the effort to create beautiful, authentic memories and then print them to enjoy at home.   I walk past photographs at home every day that make me smile and transport me straight back to that time in my life.   One of my favourite images is of my Dad and I walking on a beach together when I was 1.  We only have this single physical copy of the print and it is now faded but remains one of my most precious possessions and one I would reach for if I ever had to leave a burning house.

However, I am very mindful of the digital age and you will receive all of your edited images in screen resolution – perfect for sharing and social media and I also offer the option to purchase your images in print resolution on USB as well.

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