Have you been thinking it is time to give up on professional photography and all of your dreams?

Discouraged?  Overwhelmed? Frustrated?  Full of self doubt?

Then you are not alone – all photographers who run businesses will reach a point (or points) when they are pretty much ready to give up on professional photography.  To put the cameras down and head back out to a 9-5 where they are taxed at source, get annual leave and have weekends off.    I have been there and so have all of the photography businesses that I have mentored through Training byLumiere. So, if we have established that bouts of self doubt and fear are normal then the next question has to be:

‘Should you give up on professional photography?’  

I don’t think so.  BUT only you will be able to turn the situation around.  I am very proud of what I have enabled my students to achieve with the necessary support although I am always very clear to say that I just give them wings – they are the ones who have to fly.

Through years of mentoring and training photography businesses alongside running KHS Photography and byLumiere I have discovered 10 things that are common to most photographers starting out.  Read the full article here.

Should you give up on your dream of being a professional photographer?

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